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Favicon for Bellevue Site Design

Favicon for Bellevue Site Design

A fast and easy way to add a favicon to your WordPress website is with the plugin FavHero. This plugin allows you to use virtually any image as your favicon and it is cross browser compatible.

What is a Favicon?

A favicon is the image you see at the top of your browser window.  Often the favicon is the same as the logo for the website.  When you bookmark a page the favicon is used in your favorite’s list to help you identify the bookmarked website/URL.

In the past creating a favicon could be a difficult and an unsatisfactory experience.  Either the image did not render as expected or it did but when it was used the image didn’t look the way it was supposed to.  Sometimes the favicon would not come up as anticipated because of the code.  One browser would read the code and another one wouldn’t.  Often two lines of code were necessary in the header file to ensure the icon would appear.  Basically a favicon could be a major pain in the backside.  

FavHero – the plugin

There are several plugins available for WordPress sites all promising to create a favicon.  Of those I’ve tested I found FavHero by Hero Themes to be the easiest.  Once uploaded and activated it’s found under Settings | Heroic Favicon Generator.  After uploading the image to be used it will generate all the icons for all platforms and provide a preview.  Click Here to read about it on  The plugin works on WordPress 3.5 and up and has a five star rating.  I like being able to see at a glance what the image will look like as an icon.  I also like the ability to change the image just as easily.  It’s not necessary but a favicon finishes a website off like a bow on a gift. 

Chris Mooney is the man behind Hero Themes.  His creations are available on You can follow Chris Mooney on Twitter @IamChrisMooney.


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